What can you do to help Comodo spread the word?

Hi Guys

As you know Comodo makes all high quality Desktop Security Products available for free to anyone, including businesses. Our business model relies on making sure lots of people use our products so that Comodo can build itself as a trusted provider to end users and make sure we have a channel to keep delivering high quality software to our end users. Our aim is to help Secure the desktop space for Free! So we need your help spread the word.

What can you do to help Comodo spread the word?

We sincerely appreciate your help!



Ok what exactly are we trying to do in this topic?
We are trying to come up with ideas that our users can implement.

For example:

1)sending an email to friends and family (in your address book) explaining to them about Comodo Free Desktop products (CPF, CAV, Backup, Ivault, VE, Free email certs) and inviting them to try it because you are using it and you recommend it

2)Schools and Universities usually don’t have much money to spend, so informing your local schools and Universities for them to start utilising Comodo Desktop Products. They will even be grateful for the introduction :slight_smile:

3)Ask your local shop to spread the word to their shoppers.

4)Respond to any news article or blog sites in the field of security explaining Comodo products and why you use them and why they should write about it.

  1. Finding download sites that talk about Comodo Desktop Security products and contribute by telling them what you think about Comodo products by submitting your feedback. (eg: http://www.download.com/Comodo-Personal-Firewall/3640-10435_4-10523990.html?tag=tab_ur)

6)Running Naked with “Comodo Secured my PC” Tattood on your body thru the city you live in. I can see some disadvantages with this particular method and would not recommend you to try this as Tattoing might be painful :slight_smile:

7)Any other ideas pls?



Hey Melih,

Does Comodo have any logos for CPF and CAV that we can include on websites? If so, how can we get them?

My wife and I own four domains and I administer about 20 others, and would be only to happy to include a logo/link to your sites (providing my other clients don’t mind - shouldn’t be a problem).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Another thought, if the CAV certification on outgoing emails is moved from being an attachment to being appended to the tail of the email, then a link to the CAV site cold be added to the certification signature.

ewen :slight_smile:


I will send e-mails to all my friends and family telling them about Comodo and their great products.

Excellent suggestion Ewen!

I will get our marketing dept to design something and put it here. Much appreciate it.


indeed. This was in the CAV wish list and being attended to.

Thanks Justin!

Let me know if we can help with that.


I just came up with two good ideas:

  1. Submit the rest of the free Comodo programs to FileForum.com
  2. Make some t-shirts, etc.

Good ideas indeed!
Can you tell us more about the fileforum.com pls so that we all know the procedure to go and register there.

Well, you just go to FileForum.com, click on “Become a Member” and then follow the instructions it gives you.

I live in Mexico and would really like the idea to spread the word.

I’ll send email and talk about with some friends.

But one disadvantage is that many universities try to have the computer software language the same as windows. and so the software should be in spanish language.

I can make my effort but many of my friends and university contacts will not use the products if they are not in spanish language.

I’ll makie my best since I’m very satisfied with CPF.

We are working on translation :slight_smile:


Here’s another good idea I came up with tonight:

You should offer a CD in all supermarkets that contains all of your free software (or at least the Firewall, Antivirus, Backup, and the Anti-Spyware when its available).

That is a great idea but it would cost Comodo money, and I don’t know if they are willing to pay for CD’s for free products, when they are already paying so much to develop and update them, and make products like ZTL, and Comodo Meet.

Sure you can, well everyone can. Send e-mails to everyone you know telling them about what great products Comodo has to offer ;D

Its a great idea. However I doubt very much Supermarkets (Profit driven animals) would promote free products. Their real estate on their shelves are very valuable, to my knowledge, and would only promote products that makes them money. But you never know :slight_smile:


Indeed that would help a lot. Unlike paid for products where you paying for that product will enable the producer of that software to then spend that money to get more customers, with free products we only have the trust of the user and they are the only and the best way of promoting our software. So please do send emails to everyone you know, talk to them and help spread the word by writing to editors who might be writing about security products, forums that talk about similar products etc.



As Melih said even if Comodo were to make the CD’s it is unlikely that the supermarkets would display them on the shelves to advertise something that would not be making them money.


I have gotten an idea, I will make an effort to submit a review to Fred Langa the author of Langalist (a very popular newsletter revieved by millions) about Comodo products! That way many people will then hear about Comodo and wish to maybe try their products.