What can i do to help figure out why HIPS' Enhanced Protection hangs everything?

I seem to have managed to narrow down an issue i’m having to the “Enable enhanced protection mode” setting.

If i activate it, on the next boot Comodo itself will soon freeze if i try to do anything with it, and the rest of the OS freezes with it; and if i log-off and then back on (as i usually do, due to some weird bug on my Windows where some things will not always work right on the first log after a boot), then the whole OS freezes.

Is there anything i can do (some program that monitors and logs what happens during the first few minutes after a log-in perhaps?) to help figure out what is going wrong?

My machine is running WinXP 32bits SP3 (Yeah, yeah, i know i should upgrade; you pay me for a new HDD, more RAM and a Win7 Ultimate license and i’ll get right on it)

You can disable enhanced protection mode. It is only beneficial for 64 bit operating systems

I have the same bug on Windows 7 x64 … so it is a problem to me.

Often happens off nowhere, but sometimes it also happens when I wake my computer from sleep. (Since Version 7.0)

Why isn’t it grayed out then? Is it supposed to be doing anything on a 32bits OS?

Hi TiagoTiago,
Maybe something for the wishlist.
Wishlist - CIS
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Enable enhanced protection mode - On 64 bit systems, enabling this mode will activate additional host intrusion prevention techniques to countermeasure extremely sophisticated malware that tries to bypass regular countermeasures. Because of limitations in Windows 7/8 x64 systems, some HIPS functions in previous versions of CIS could theoretically be bypassed by malware. Enhanced Protection Mode implements several patent-pending ways to improve HIPS. CIS requires a system restart for enabling enhanced protection mode. (Default = Disabled)
[url=http://help.comodo.com/topic-72-1-522-6303-HIPS-Behaviour-Settings.html]HIPS Behavior Settings[/url]