What AV suites can run along side comodo without FP issues?

As per title,

I feel a little insecure running just one AV. recently with two AV’s on another PC I had a Java Exploit and nothing but issues when I tried Comodo along side some other AV’s when I could not solve that exploit.

Now wondering what the best free AV suites are and what combinations are and which are highly regarded?

I am on my HTPC at the moment, with only Comodo running, previous others on this have been Avast, Avira and MSE. Removed in case of conflicts.


you can only run one av at a time, more then one will cause tons of problems. Comodo IS suite is more powerful the all the free AV’s you can put together in my opinion. I can find a new piece of malware that no one detects and I can infect your system with it but with comodo IS you are protected becasue it does not rely just on detection it relies on prevention.

this one

its an security program that works like an antivirus second hand

rising antivirus

Keep just one antivirus. CIS is more than enough for your protection.

I suggest some cloud based like Panda Cloud, Immunet or Kingsoft free.

If you want you can run Avast Free alongside Comodo Firewall.

Also, if you’re really paranoid ;D you can run Immunet alongside whichever AV you choose. It’s one of the few that won’t have any conflicts. At least that’s my experience with it.

Hi Steve,

Such thing as “without FP issues” does not exist and never will :wink:
Unfortunately we cannot live without FPs no matter what AV / Behavioral Blocker or other security solutions we are using

As it was pointed by several guys above you should not have more than one AV with its real-time resident Guard active,
but you can run another scanners having them set as on-demand only

I would suggest Emsisoft Anti-Mmalware (EAM)

1) it always has the best detection rate on the market for many years in a row
(probably only Avira sometimes according to the numerous tests can come close to EAM)
2) You have several choices regarding EAM editions :

  • Install EAM and choose “Free” edition offered by its Setup Wizard;
  • Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK). In this case no installation needed – you can run it from USB Flash drive, no additional service will be installed
    Few thins to consider though, when using EEK - you will not have Explorer Integration (Shell Extention) & loggings , but the scanner itself is the same as the one in Full EAM Suite;
    3) or if you prefer online scanning you can use recently developed Web Scanner, but currently it is working with MS Internet Explorer only (using ActiveX)

Please try EEK first
and then, if you like to scan separate files/directories (say after downloads / installations) using Shell Extension - install Free edition of EAM

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Download Page

My regards

i use comodo for firewall and defense+, and avira free personal edition for antivirus.

for years i dont got a false positive (even with heuristic at high), and i never got an infected pc. no performance decrease, all is scanned by its guard.

when you had problems with avira and comodo, it can only be caused by running two guards at the same time. otherwise it runs just perfect.

use the expert view in avira to get all settings.

its not enough to disable another antivirus guard, you have to uninstall it.

you said you feel insecure with only one AV… and your pc was infected while you even had running two… related to your opinion, you need 3 now? :slight_smile:

malwarebytes with guard is not a free version.

and its more meant to be an additional scanner for usually undetected threats.

Hm. There are av’s designed to work alongside another i.e. Threatfire (so long as it is never registered in the security center), ImmunetProtect, Rising PC Doctor and ClamAV. All others, unfortunately, are not. I read there are a few others in existence but have not found them. You may also try on-demand scanners such as Bitdefender Free, Trend Micro HouseCall, ESET Online Scanner, ClamWin, and Dr.Web CureIt among others.

If, however, these do not fit your fancy, you can try other security tools. Task Manager alternatives such as Anvir Task Manager, Neuber’s Security Task Manager, Glary Utilities’ Process Monitor, Sysinternals’ Process Explorer, Innov-sol’s Advanced Task Manager, Chameleon Task Manager, ProcessLasso (not really an alternative but can function as such), Auslogics’ Task Manager, the open-source Yet Another Process Monitor, System Explorer, Process Hacker, are my personal favorites and often feature security ratings along with detailed information about an item. There is also the popular HIPS software if you’re willing to put up with a few annoyances. There’s the ever-popular WinPatrol, Samurai, PrivateFirewall, and Comodo’s own Defense + (which also functions as a behavior blocker and sandboxing application).

Sandboxing is another popular alternative. Returnil features not only a sandbox, but also an av with it. The more popular Sandboxie is a good choice and the Chromium browser is sandboxed already. Full system virtualizations are also good products. These include Wondershare Time Freeze, Faronics’ DeepFreeze, and Microsoft’s Windows SteadyState.

Other security softwares include Comodo Programs Manager, System restore alternatives such as Comodo’s Time Machine, Wondershare’s Time Shuttle, and Rollback RX.

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds more that could further secure your pc. It’s just a matter of choosing those you are most comfortable with. ;D