What are you doing to prevent the crash last week from happening again?

We use the COT logo with many of our websites.

Last week’s downtime of secure.comodo.com had me seriously rethinking that. When that site went down it essentially shut down over 30 of our customers websites. Why? Because every page load was waiting on a response from the Comodo server, so the visiting traffic only saw a long page load and kept going away.

I had to have my developers frantically strip the COT code out of 30 eCommerce websites. Not only was this a huge inconvenience but cost our customers 1/2 days sales!

So, my question is: What is Comodo doing to prevent this from EVER happening again? I’m seriously debating whether or not I use the COT and secure logos on our customers sites because I don’t want to experience this unannounced fire-drill again.

At a minimum you should have some redundancy in place. Ideally you should also notify customers of the crash so we can take care of it BEFORE the flood of calls from irate customers.

they do not answer…this is really poor support^^

i use comodo, but im going to search for another good firewall, because comodo crashes at least 3 times in one week. sometimes during updates from other programms, sometimes just for fun. i never had a firewall that crashed, so my protection is gone. perhaps it crashes because of an attack !!! but in this case it is not really safe…anyway it sucks.

comodo ur fired

Agree completely.

Comodo reps. I posted this question over TWO YEARS AGO. Even the WORST customer service people respond in about 2 weeks. At this point the only thing keeping us from finding another provider is the hassle of switching.

YOUR system brought 30 of my websites down and what response do I get? Crickets.

So since you can’t BOTHER to respond I’ll leave this message to anyone thinking of an SSL service. Don’t pick Comodo. If you have a problem, well tough beans. You’re on your own. They obviously don’t care.

Hi Cstreit,

First I’d like to stress that I’m not Comodo Staff so I can’t fix it for you, but I do have a few questions.
Did you call support? and did you raise a support ticket here? https://support.comodo.com/

The forums are not the first place to get support for paid products, so something might slip their attention yes.
Is that good, no but it seemed to have happened.

We did establish a ticket. When we got no response we posted here…