what are these new processes?

since i updated my comodo, new processes for “internet security essentials” is now in task manager and hanging my already slow laptop badly.

what is vkise.exe and iseserv.exe?

they have never been there before.

(All I use is the firewall - yet now it says something about internet security essential - what the heck is this? and why has it been “illegally” installed as i never asked for it!)

I found it in uninstall programs so i have removed it as i dont want it. but what IS it to start with and why did updating comodo install it without ANY notification?

in fact. people on the internet are already flagging it as suspicious, as it appeared without warning or explanation after updating.

as I said I have removed it as it was using between 3% and 89% cpu randomly and I dont want any bloat on this laptop at all.

Internet Security Essentials