What are IEEE 1394 host controllers?

In Device Manager I see this and found that when disabled, Network Connections no longer has that extra, useless entry that’s called 1394 connection something. I think it’s on many Windows computers by default. What exactly is it?

IEEE 1394 was original released as Apple’s FireWire. It’s an external bus capable of speeds at 400Mbs (1394a) & 800Mbs (1394b). Because FireWire is an Apple brand name other companies have their own IEEE 1394 names, such as i.link and Lynx.

I guess that means it’s useless to me because my internet is still kicking ;D. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I remember that FireWire was very big news when it first came out. Unfortunately it had slight flaw… it was very, very expensive. In fact, it was only really used commercially because of the cost. Not something for the home PC.

I wonder why it’s enabled by default in all the XP (re)installations I’ve performed. Maybe because I have the pro and not home version.

I don’t believe it’s on my home box, with XP Pro. But it is not firewire capable either; no card, and not enough power to support one, even if I put it in. That could have something to do with it. No doubt MS installs the drivers if it can…all part of the arbitrary points they assign you for each installation and configuration within that installation, so they can nuke your license later on and force you to re-up.


PS: Bitter? No, I’m not bitter. :wink:

I don’t think its a Pro vs Home issue, I suspect the driver is installed, or not, by XP depending on if the motherboard supports IEEE 1394 or not.

I C. Problem with XP is it’s auto-install happy, so it’s useless for me to uninstall it. At best I can only disable it.