What are exactly the features of IceDragon?


What is exactly the difference of IceDragon and Firefox?
Wikipedia says:

[b]Firefox-based:[/b] IceDragon 40 is based on Firefox It provides detection for Firefox hard-coded plugin installations. [b]SiteInspector[/b]: Comodo's SiteInspector malware detection system is integrated into IceDragon. SiteInspector's link scanning feature allows one to check whether a web page is malicious before they actually visit that page. [b]SecureDNS service:[/b] IceDragon offers Comodo's Secure DNS Service to users as an alternative to using their Internet Service Provider. This is intended to produce faster page loads and safer browsing because SecureDNS references a real-time block list (RBL) of harmful websites. [b]Social media integration:[/b] IceDragon provides a button that allows one to instantly share a web page with their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn friends. [b]Portable:[/b] IceDragon provides a portable option during installation. This feature was briefly removed with version 38, but returned in a later update.

Is there any other or just the look?


I just want to say these before my words. I am not Comodo employee and the words are my opinions!

Comodo IceDragon has nothing different from Firefox but these;

  • IceDragon always behind the update process of Firefox (lack of security fixes-but comodo claims it is secure)
  • Comodo always made promises about fast update track (but it never happens)
  • IceDragon never implement some changes to make browser a little bit different, private and secure. (about:config changes suggested before at beta stage)
  • We suggested security addons to IceDragon (and other Comodo browsers), but comodo just added ■■■■ into browser. (Drag Drop, webinspector,media grabber tablet button etc.) They are now seems like Torch browser. Novice can think these are adware?
  • They said “it has Secure DNS to protect you from malicious website”, then why you still use Google SafeBrowsing API? and Comodo DNS has very poor detections against fresh malware websites. This is why they still use safebrowsing API.
  • Lack of multi-language support (comodo claim we will add it in the future releases…please check the first reason again… endless loop)
  • … and so on (I cannot remember other many of things)

Are there any good thing in IceDragon? Yes of course, it has very good blue icon and theme. Just that!

Please don’t think bad about me, it is your browser and your developers. I am just an old user with bad experineces.
Making these browsers better is still in your hands.


Harahr :smiley: Okay, that 's what I thought.

I searched for any special but nothing found yet.
They only say “security improvements” and such stuff.
It’s probably the same in Dragon and Chromodo, i guess.
In addition, it’s proprietary software from England , mhhh . :slight_smile:

I thank you very much for the detailed answer, feel understood.
I also have bad experience, I still waiting long time for x64 CD for example.

BTW: At the moment I try to create a custom firefox (better privacy/faster/look).
I ■■■■ Cyberfox and add settings/addons from JonDoFox and Tor-Browser for example.
Added some addons and security tips like yours in the post, and customize more for my personal use.
Later I will try to convert the profile for IceWeasel, but I need much time for all, I wish a expert group would do.

Why Cyberfox? Take 64bit Firefox stable release. There is no need to other forks to use 64bit these days.

I suggest you to use these addons with Firefox 64bit.

Privacy Settings
uBlock Origin
HTTPS Everywhere
Canvas Blocker
Google Redirects Fixer

Stay safe and surf private!

Hi yigido,
Without looking deep into the heart we can not be certain of all the differences.

Some users just prefer or require different flavours.

Kind regards.

Hello captain,

Comodo never show or tell us the deep facts of IceDragon (or other browsers). Can any developer come here and tell me the “better things” than other browsers? or can they tell me the wrong ones into my reasons to not use IceDragon?

Ok, I understood.But It is not good to use an alternative just for a shiny theme and pre-added extnsions. Because the known browsers (firefox, chrome, opera) already vulnerable to unknown threats or exploits. If users decide to use another browser for a name or theme (for example Torch browser, see Baidu Spark browser) They have some additions and their own characteristics but old cores with known security vulnerabilities. The users of these browsers are in danger. This is why I said this :slight_smile:
Cyberfox is good I have no bad words for them, because developer releases new versions after a day of Firefox release.

I hope I can explain myself. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yea, I know since v42 is Firefox finally in x64 available but Cyberfox have a few more differences:
They have remove some telemetry stuff and added then CTR with some usefull build-in features.
It’s created with Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 SDK, it runs a bit better on NT6.2 or higher.
You can choose between Intel or AMD compiled and with or without australis gui and such.
At the end, its still open source, full compatible and looks good.
They release mostly a half-day later as Mozilla does. :slight_smile:

I suggest a bit more addons addition to you have called:

For these you will need to configurate a bit:

For these it exist much good scripts like AAK/Reek:

Some changes, you can do by yourself in about:config but not sure what exactly, so i use them.
But I use a very good VPN-Service instead of the slow proxy ■■■■ of these:

I’m still searching for an alternative for this, it’s discontinued and I dont want signature it by myself.


Ah, btw I have talked with Toady long time ago, he said it will soon based on Windows 10 developer stuff.
I hope it come soon and also that I can use my final profile also full in android-firefox, not tested yet. :slight_smile:

I wish to try Baidu but your words make me a little worried. Do you refer to the vulnerability Zero Science Lab » Baidu Spark Browser v26.5.9999.3511 Remote Stack Overflow Vulnerability (DoS) ?