What about these?

Sorry if these have already been asked for…

  1. “Restore to default settings” button. 1 click to restore CIS to original state.
  2. CAV should update its database right after PC is started. It should not wait for 1 hour (minimum).

+1 :-TU

Agreed. This has been asked for before, and is something I would really like to see added.

I do not agree with this one. I want my computer to start up as quickly as possible, and to then download the newest database some time after that, but in such a way that it is not intrusive. The reason for this is that as soon as my computer starts the real-time scanner is connected to the cloud, and thus already has the most recent definitions. Thus, I see no reason to increase the start-up time just to make sure the definitions are local and not in the cloud.


-1 :slight_smile:
then it’d be nice to make an option for this

CAV can wait until all needed processes are started.
Like avast does.
I’m asking this for my friend… :wink:

  • 1 for 1st point.

For 2nd point, I have CIS set to 1 hour instead of default 6 hours & here always after system boot within 10-20 mins databases is updated automatically by CIS so I think its fine. But an option check for update after system boot too is welcome.

+1. Yes for both 88)