What about international faxes?

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What about international faxes? Can you send and receive from an account.

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Receiving faxes from outside the US and Canada require that you have an account with a non toll-free fax number. A US local trustfax number can accept faxes from anywhere.
The toll-free trustfax number accepts faxes from US (50 states) and Canada.

You can send faxes from any type of account. Faxing to the US and Canada will use the included fax pages in your account. Faxing outside of the US and Canada require a fax page credit purchase since other countries are charged at a different per page rate.
The link provided above is to how to send an international fax. 011 must be added prior to the country code and phone number.

I have an 866 number, so do I need to buy another new account that’s a non toll-free fax number in order to receive an International fax?

I read the manual on international_faxing, and there’s nothing stated there about “RECEIVING from an International Number”, i could find.

Thanks in advance, for any clarification on this you can offer.

The toll-free number can accept calls from the US and Canada.
You can change you toll-free subscription to a local number subscription. You will choose a non-toll free number - a local number. The local number can recieve fax from anywhere.
To change you plan:
1 - login to your account
2 - click on account info button and the billing tab
3 - click on change subscription plan
4 - select a plan that offers a local fax number
5 - uncheck the toll-free as a second number to avoid a second number charge (if selected you will have 2 fax numbers on one account)
6 - select the state, area code and city for the locatlion of the local number.
7 - save the change

When you change to another plan, trustfax will prorate your current subscription based upon pages used and the time left in the billing cycle. If there is a credit, it will be applied to the new subscription plan. Your billing cycle will start on the day of the subscription plan change.