Went back to 2.4

I upgraded to 3.0 yesterday and had nothing but problems with it. I like the user interface better than 2.4 and I like that the box is alway checked for “remember this”, but unfortunatly version 3 could not remember anything. Everytime my browser launched I would get continuous alerts. I would click “allow” but the just kept coming. …so back to 2.4…nice try…let me know if you get all the bugs killed.

This, among other reasons, forced me to go to another software (Online Armor Free). I think Comodo 3.0 was a step down from its previous version. I hope they reevaluate/fix their new version soon.

So Melih, you did it, at the end !!!

You officially released unstable, unreliable piece of soft, potentially dangerous to users and computers.

I really do not understand your motives. Are you trying to kill Comodo once for ever? Did you not read all these forums with tens of complaints about your beta versions? Did you not yourself witnessed those tons of problems with v3?

Ok, I can still live with 2.4. Unpatched, with errors, but at least not endangering my PC.

I tested OA free for 15 minutes and went back to CFW 2.4, but OA messed my system uand i must to format.
Now with CFW 3 i have only little bugs, but my system is safe.I know in next updates my bugs will be fixed.
Every user and every program.
If you can flame Comodo…
If you like OA free, simply use it.
If i were Melih and COMODO staff, i think with those flame threads, i were at home and no more CFW. COMODO spend a lot of money and time making a free FW, but not a castrated version with less functions. If this software was of another brand maybe you must purchase for a lot of money. Develope a program like this is very expensive.
Keep up the good job Melih

Ever read about the naked emperor? This is not flaming. It simply states the facts. My comments are made with the hopes that Comodo, an excellent software developer, improve its products. Nothing more and nothing less.

here here Vike :BNC

I went back too. V2.4 works fine and V3 has too many pop ups. Some I had no idea how to stop and that was annoying.

V3 has a steep learning curve. I don’t have the time to learn it, when V2.4 works just fine for me.

I want a simple straight forward ‘allow or block’ firewall. I don’t want pop ups about some dll doing this or that - I have no idea what it means anyway.

V3 is great but far too complex. It does too much and needs a KISS version.

I am staying with V2.4 for now as I have that working right. V3 is like Vista compared to V2.4 XP.

Great if you like it, but too complex and too demanding of my time for me to bother with.

Thanks anyway.

You can always disabled Defense+ if you prefer (see screenshot).


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ok, I do NOT shout about v3 as few others here - I think it’s a great firewall with great potential, comodo did a very good job here (remember: 99% of computer-errors are sitting in front of the computer ;D).

but i went back to v2.4 for this reasons: https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews/comodo_firewall_wishlist_v6-t15557.0.html;msg108534#msg108534

uhm, posted that few times - but repeating forces remembrance! :wink:

Oh no you can’t [always]!

v3 worked for me for a while, then locked up on something and I couldn’t use anything without freezes. Tried to get in to CFP to disable Defense+, but everything that tried to open or maximise wasn’t allowed as not being a valid Win32 app.
How can one change settings if the GUI isn’t allowed?

On OA atm and deperately longing for CFP3 - CBA to go through the clicking hell of 2.4 again.

■■■■, a bug then :'(. Hadn’t tested myself but believed what I read 88).


I had been very impressed with V 2… of this firewall and recommended it to friends, I don’t want to sound like I’m slagging off V 3, but I really don’t have a good thing to say about it other than that it installed OK.

My XP SP2 was playing up and needed a re-install, so I thought that starting off with the new V3 Firewall at the same time as the re-install of XP might be a good idea. I have my OS on a separate partition to all my other progs and files, I’ve re-installed a few times before with no real problems.

Such a bad idea, I wanted to let Defense+ learn as I started using everything again, it’s taken me as much time as I can give it over 4 evenings and 1 whole day, to get most of my programs working normally. I’ve read most of the help files, I believe I was doing everything as suggested there. I’ve had crashes, freezes, programs not opening/recognised, Defense+ keeps asking me about things that I’ve answered previously. it’s like dealing with a small child, asking what, why, when and why again, and again. If I had nothing else to do I’d give it more time, but I don’t, I have work and a social life, I just want to use my PC safely. V 2.4 was a really good firewall, and it let me get on with my life without it asking approx 39 questions everytime I wanted to open another program. I went back to the older version and am happy with that.

It seems to me that Comodo Firewall V 3 has gone down the same route as Spybot S&D and Ad-aware, releasing new full versions without them being fully tested at the beta stages. I recently did some beta testing for A-squared Mamutu, at least I knew to expect some problems there, I didn’t expect to have the same situation with this firewall release, a few problems, fine, but not to be in a situation where I have yet to be able to fully use any software after an OS re-install last weekend. I look forward to an updated, stable version of V3. I don’t think it’s my system, there may be a couple of other progs that conflict with V3, but not so much as to cause all of the problems I’ve had. I’m reassured in that opinion by seeing so many other people having similar problems with V3.

No you’re not stating facts. You’re (along with Vike) making claims without getting into any specifics; you’re also suggesting another product which in my mind makes you and your post suspect.

Vike, what isn’t Comodo “remembering?” When your browser launches you “get continuous alerts?” What do the alerts say? I would be willing to bet that each alert is a bit different. I’ve been using v.3 since it was released, and I haven’t run into these problems.

I also just successfully disabled Defense +. Which is the main reason that v.3 is so “talkative.”
Janpoko how is Comodo “potentially dangerous” to its users? Your post should be deleted based on that statement alone.

Someone needs to conduct damage control on these forums; moderators?

I too went back to 2.4, despite the fact that it too has a critical bug. I have posts about both versions here on the forums.

enculturation, the alerts are the same. It would not remember when I told it to look at all the other threads discussing the same problem…nuf said. I had not set it up to run Defense+. I’m happy that you are having a pleasant experience and have the time to come in here and let us know how inept we are…kudos my man…I will not be back as I have installed a different firewall. The one suggested earlier in this thread…it works much better in my opinion as inept as it must be…

I upgraded to 3.0 yesterday and had nothing but problems with it. I like the user interface better than 2.4 and I like that the box is alway checked for “remember this”, but unfortunatly version 3 could not remember anything. Everytime my browser launched I would get continuous alerts. I would click “allow” but the just kept coming. …so back to 2.4…nice try…let me know if you get all the bugs killed.

I encountered the sames problems…continuous alerts…impossible to work with…

Maybe I am the one in this thread that don’t has anything to complain about V3, but only to exalt: it is working fine on the three machines I have installed it. It is working fine on a LAN at my house without any problem.

The “remember” checkbox is always working fine, and I never have been asked more than one time to allow some application that has been allowed before.

I think Comodo is making a good job, and thanks to them for it. I know that there are some bugs in the new V3, but I think that it will be fixed as soon as possible. Comodo Firewall Pro is better than many of the most famous similar solutions on this market, with the great difference that you don’t have to pay anything for it.

As I have said before (at least in my opinion), we have to thank and not to complain to a company such Comodo.

I have already used Panda, Kaspersky, McAfee, BitDefender (paid versions), ZoneAlarm, Jetico, Sygate (free versions), and my opinion (after inumerous tests with all of it) is that Comodo, even in it recent release of V3 version is the best of all. And for free.

I have posted in another thread about problems with Versions 3 builds 266 and 268.

However, in reply to those who say v3 is ■■■■, I should say that - having installed v3 from beta mode right up to the latest build 268 of the ‘non’ beta mode - the problem with v3 not treating other Comodo apps as trusted, and not remembering any other decisions - for some totally unknown reason - only started happening this morning on turning on my system, yet all versions of 3 up to build 266 had been working totally fine up till then.
I had v3 installed with advanced custom options; Clean PC mode; with all Comodo apps treated as ‘trusted’ and I had configured all my security apps; my web browsers (Firefox and Opera) and my mail app (Thunderbird) configured as trusted.

So there is clearly a problem with v3 but it is clearly not straight forward.

My system: WinXP Home SP2