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Just wanted to post and say what a great product your comodo firewall is. I got onto it from an e-mail from my ISP that had these study results that some uni did, the study showed that comodo was the most secure and effective Firewall around, and that is both free and payed, so i downloaded the free one of comdo and its been great. (:CLP)

Well done guys your firewall is great, its easy and effective. (R)

Well done guys god job :slight_smile:

Me too! I’d like to say that Comodo Firewall is the best firewall I’ve ever used. And many reviewers seem to like it too… (L)

What I want to really praise is the level of support and friendliness in the forums. I’ve seen many trivial/“dumb” questions, but you guys always answer politely and profesionally, and with great patience! Very unlike some other forums.

So, congrats all around!


G’day and welcome to the forums,

On behalf of the mods, Comodo staff and all the other users - thanks a lot. They are a great bunch of people here, with a real sense of community, an extremely broad range of experience and very helpful, patient outlook.

It’s nice to know our collective efforts are appreciated.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Also, all Feedback of CFP should be done here:

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