Welcome to UserTrust - Empowering you the user!

Hi Everyone

here is a new service from Comodo Free both to end users and as well as to websites (merchants, bloggers well any website!) called


This service gives you the power to rate a site and allows you to read other’s feedbacks about their experiences with the site, with the site’s service etc.

This is a totally free service to online merchants/websites so there simply no reason for them not to have it.

Which means now you can demand every site to have this in order to add “visibility” to how they deal with their users/customers.

If a site doesn’t carry this, then you have to wonder why!

This is worlds first Free, Independent and Trusted rating platform to make internet more accountable and less of a gamble for us all, the users!

But of course, we all are responsible for using this platform, by making sure we share our experiences using UserTrust so that other’s can benefit from it!

Thank you and we promise to continue our innovation to bring you more solutions to make Internet a more secure and more trusted experience for us all!


Greetings Melih!

Did you include any of my suggestions? (:SHY)

Anyways, like I said last time, it looks like another good free product from Comodo! (R)

Thanks for the suggestions Ragwing :slight_smile:

yes indeed we have many fraud protection built in! We can’t afford for people to mess this platform up, hence we have put stringent fraud protection in place!

Our promise is: No malicious or self-serving review will affect web sites’ rating. period!

We have a dispute resolution team who is always ready to resolve any malicious attempt!


Sounds nice, I already submitted a site back then. If I saw the UT badge on a site I at least would trust it. :slight_smile:

Maybe I can’t quite figure this out… but does a regular end user (non website owner) need to sign in? If so, is it necessary to make a completely different account or will the login details for the forums work?

And while I’m here, do we see user opinions right on this page or is this where businesses adopt user trust and put it on their page for us to see?

Great site overall.

here is a site that uses it http://auctionknowhow.com/
you can click on the logo to see the review.


Ahhh, I got it Melih. Thank you.

So the site you have linked to in this first post is for businesses to register, not users. Users leave the posts on the website of the business itself. Awesome plan.

Is there anything us end users can do to help get this out besides submitting sites that we want to have this?

Is there an advertisement for it or something that I can put on my website? I don’t need reviews but I would like to advertise.


why not put the logo (its free) and let people give you their feedback. Also, what we need is all our users to demand that sites they visit/interact/shop with to display the logo. Afterall why wouldn’t they?


This is an English only service?

Well the logo is in english at the moment.
but nothing stopping people from putting the feedback in their own language.


Sorry to bump an old thread, but I found this while checking the authenticity of an email from comodo about usertrust.
Looked at the site linked to, and the comodo usertrust logo only shows with javascript enabled in firefox ???

Idea: make this a system for reviews in general about not only things that you sell/buy. Say that you could add sites about games, fishing, poker (very important - it tells people that you won’t get scammed) or whatever else. The seal should explain what kind of service the site is providing with reviews and ratings.