Welcome to our new online Service for Instant Malware Analysis - CIMA

CIMA is built as service in the cloud (fancy way of saying online service :slight_smile: ) where you can upload your suspicious files (only executables) and it will get analysed in real time and a report will be generated for your review. In this report it will tell you if it is suspicious or not.

As with anything else, nothing is 100% but we use this tool in our AV labs to help us. So we decided to make it available to all.

There are constant improvements going on this service to adapt to new emerging threats.

PS: anything you submit thru CIMA gets fed to our AV labs so any suspicious file will be then manually analysed and if found to be malicious a signature will be created and our AV will be updated in the next signature update.

thank you


Below are some sample reports:



Edit 04-12-2008:
Updated the same samples using the latest version.