Welcome to Hopsurf - What is Hopsurf Anyway?

What is Hopsurf?

It’s a way to “Watch Internet” (like you watch TV but now you can watch Internet)

It’s a way to discover new and relevant sites on Internet (how can you find new funky stuff for yourself for your interest? Well now you can. This also has the ability to auto surf and many other features as well as backend infrastructure for Social Authentication.

Why launch Hopsurf:

It’s because ‘every’ decision you make is an important authentication information. This helps Comodo Authenticate web content and make that available back to you!

The dawn of Social Authentication begins right here, right now!

The dedicated Hopsurf browser extension toolbar is available for the following browsers.

  • Internet Explorer 5.01 and above
  • Firefox 2.x and above
  • Seamonkey
  • Netscape Navigator

Hopsurf can also be used without the dedicated toolbar, and in other browsers such as Firefox and Opera using bookmarkets available via the website.

As always looking for your valuable feedback!

Originally written by Shane…


I wrote a blog about HopSurf, which I think you would like.


perfect a way to make friends

Here’s a quick Comodo.TV video on what hopsurf is and how it’s used.

What a great piece of kit, had it installed ever since CIS, but never got round to using it, as was used to using stumbleupon. And just created myself a account, love the way you can set it to Automatic toggle, saves clicking and clicking…Although won’t effect others, it sometimes does me (through no fault of hopsurf), with the fact I have no script running.

Is this a popular product that people use? Either way I’ll suggest it to a few of my friends… :slight_smile:

Why it’s not compitable with google chrome?

Don’t think many people use it at all now, which is why it’s not been worked on so much (staff comment?) so that’s the reason it won’t be working with latest version of chrome I would assume.

hopsurf site is very buggy. after i created an account it asked me what i wanted to do next. i clicked find similar people and it took me to the edit your personal info page and did the same thing when i clicked brows websites of my interest. also it can’t find people with similar interest because they are to unique because i have so many interest checked. i guess hopsurf tries to find people who like everything you like instead of just finding people who have some interest in common with you. also weird wording after creating an account the way it word finding sites that match your interest is “Browsers websites and user reviews”. i’m pretty sure it should read “Brows websites and user reviews”

also hopsurf goes to a white blank screen in both firefox and dragon when you go to the home tab. it only does it on hopsurf. for dragon i use adblock plus, wot and vt chromizer. firefox: adblock plus, noscript, wot, vt zilla element hiding helper for adblock plus. still goes blank with all addons disabled in both dragon and firefox