Welcome from the CEO!

Hi Everyone

I am the founder, CEO and Chief Security Architect for Comodo. I am an Electronic Engineer (BEng, Hons, Bradford University, UK) with a passion for security. I have also done low level programming (and device drivers) in the good old days :-). I initiated the CAB Forum last May 05 in order to create a more secure and trusted internet for all of us ( http://news.com.com/Browsers+to+get+sturdier+padlocks/2100-1029_3-5989633.html ). I am determined to create a Free and Secure Internet for the masses. Some people take up gardening, or train spotting as a hobby, well I have taken up the challenge of securing desktops and the internet as a hobby! I believe the Internet will propel the future of human kind by allowing sharing of knowledge at a scale we have never seen before.

I am here to answer any (well almost any :-)) questions you might have about Comodo and our products. I will try to be as open as possible without giving too much information to our competitors. After all, we don’t want our competitors to be following our leadership too closely :wink:

The ultimate satisfaction as an engineer is seeing happy users/customers utilising the products we have built. Hence you will see myself and Comodo continuously striving to improve our products for you.

Thank you for your attention and look forward to your contribution in making our products better.

Melih Abdulhayoglu