weird video problem with some youtube videos

some youtube videos dont display correctly in comodo dragon. this just started last month. but the same youtube videos display correctly in ice dragon. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck here is a sc

drives or components (problems hardware can do it);
“acceleration hardware” in some devices it happen, temperature elevated in between others causes…
post print and link videos of occurred…

or wait Devs.

sorry my english!

Hello fisban and thank you for writing us.

Could you please tell us your PC configuration (CPU, GPU)? Also, it would help if you show us an image with the problem.

Thank you and best regards,

i posted an image in the original post not sure why it was removed
windows 10 pro 64 version 10.0.18363
cpu: amd ryzen 5 2600 3.5 ghz
ram: 16 gb cant find speed but i know its a faster version
video amd radeon hd 6800 series
i never had this problem before on this pc it actually has just started, i do know i had issues with a hdd failing and would cause the computer to crash often. I was thinking it was a codec that dragon uses for some of the videos. as its not every video that has this issue
this video displays correctly Minecraft Large Nordic House Tutorial [How to Build] - YouTube
but this video does not Minecraft: Full-Auto Bamboo Farm Tutorial (1.14) - YouTube

Indeed, it is happening because of some codecs. We are working on it and we hope to solve it with the next version release. Until then, you can try, as a temporary fix, to disable the Hardware Acceleration in browser settings (Go to Advanced settings → System → Hardware Acceleration). Tell us if it worked.

Thank you and best regards,

that seems to have fixed it for now but its hard to say as one day a video wont play right and the next day the same video will. lol but thank you