Weird Update Problem.

Yesterday night I checked on what version the AV database was at and saw it was 1874. A short while after that I got a little balloon message saying that updates were available for Comodo CIS not the AV. I okayed it and on completion was asked to reboot. On reboot I opened up Misc to find out if there had been a version change, noticed it was the same number v3.10.23.102363.531 but noticed that the AVDB was now 1147. I opened the AV and clicked on update which hung on 30% for a while then told me I needed to manually reboot. I had to do this three times before it updated on the third attempt to 1843 I then updated again and it did without further problem to 1878 and this morning I see it is at 1883 and all appears to be well again. What are these CIS updates which appear as this is not the first time I have had problems with Comodo after one of these updates. Although there are version number updates posted here daily in regard to the AV. These CIS updates never appear anywhere at all

There should not be any program updates.

Did you deleted any of the language files.


Haven’t deleted anything Dennis2,
It is not unusual for me to get a pop up telling me updates are available, sometimes I am asked to reboot and sometimes not. I have noticed though that the few problems I have had have always been after one of these updates. I just wondered what they are and why I get them. Is it possible they are the result of a bug in Comodo as a couple of times I have had a pop up saying something along the lines of, “Oops, you have found a bug in Comodo and it will have to close. Sorry for this inconvenience.” I close the box ok but it doesn’t shut the PC down. Sometimes Comodo seems to be working ok after this but other times I find that task mamager locks up and I have to crash start my PC to reboot. On restart it all works fine. I noticed two days into my last Comodo CIS install that Comodo was not switching off the Windows Firewall and I did it manually. Have no idea if it has anything to do with this problem but my PC appears to be all workingl. Thinking it may be malware I have also scanned with SAS, MBAM and A-Squared which apart from a couple of tracking cookies all came up clean as well as a Comodo AV scan with the hueristic setting at medium which also came up clean. My PC OS is Windows Home Edition SP3 and fully up to date via Win Update. It is a 7yr old PC which was a top of the range model when new and which has never given me any problems what so ever. Can age be a factor here?. I just find these unknown updates odd and would like to know what they are. I have been using Comodo products since v2.4 and found that in a previous version can’t remember which one at the moment, it had a known bug which told me updates were available when they weren’t. When I get this pop up now I exit it and then use the check for updates button in Misc>About to confirm, which then also tells me that updates are available and appear to install via the green procent download bar. I just find the whole thing strange.

Yes very strange.

I doubt if it is age of computer mine is 6 years, more likely when you have a bug report or possibly something left over from previous installs.

Unless someone else has a better idea, sorry I have not help you with this.


Yes it is strange. On the good side everything seems to be working as it should be. Maybe someone else will offer any ideas. Thanks for your help.