Weird rendering issue


there is a page rendering issue with comodo dragon, I cant click on links on some sites, because there seems to be a 1x1 pixel picture in a frame over half of the page that catches the click event. However after a while this rame disappears and everything seems to be normal.



the problematic part:

the picture:


This issue is very annoying it disturbs navigation all the time.

Pleased check it.

For security reasons go with an updated Chromium based browser. CD is two version behind as Chrome is on version 33 instead of 31. SRWare Iron is on version 33 and will have improved security. I hope this helps you. :slight_smile:

I dont get it, you say this is a security issue ? Could you please give me a DL link to the Iron version you recommend ? Can I install a portable version of it like dragon ?

Hi Vino,
There is no security issue associated with the page rendering problem and if the version status was a security issue Comodo would have updated it by now.
Not all security issues in Chrome are present in Dragon, the same as all updates are not for security reasons.

Back on topic. I am not seeing issues on the mentioned link. Did this only recently start happening? Was there any other system changes around the time this started occurring? A couple of things to try. Try disabling all 3rd party extensions. Try clearing you browsing data. Ctrl+Shift+Del Try disabling [b]'Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)'[/b], found under privacy in the advanced settings. Try disabling [b]'Use hardware acceleration when available'[/b], found under system in the advanced settings.

Please let us know if any of the above helped.