"weird" internet loading time

I have had this problem for about a week or so now, and this is my last resort for some help.

The problem is when I first open up Firefox, and I click a link in my bookmarks toolbar. The link that I have clicked usually takes longer to load, same with Internet Explorer. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, but its a 6/10 chance to happen, which is not normal on my computer. Also, when I type up a search in the Google Search Bar in either IE or FF, I get the slow load speed. Same with clicking a link with the search results in Google.

I have done many tests (such as www.speedtest.net), and everything seems normal. I have even called my internet provider, but they couldn’t see anything wrong.

What I’m thinking the problem is the new RAM I installed a few weeks ago. I heard that after the system has had the RAM in, a problem may occur.

You guys have any ideas on this one? ???

Greetings La13 ,

Your Internet speed doesn’t depend on RAM, so shouldn’t be the problem, then it would result in a BSoD or something.
If you’ve enabled ‘Do packet checksum vertification’ in Security->Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention->Configure->Misc. it says it might slow down the connection.
If it’s enabled, try disabling it and see if it helps.


my Comodo Firewall is actually set to default settings, so I’m pretty sure thats not it.

A corrupted profile in FF might cause something like this to occur. Only one way to tell, though… export your bookmarks to a different location, close FF and then delete the profile folder. Restart, bring your bookmarks back in, rebuild your add-ons, themes, etc. I would not recommend keeping the previous themes and add-ons, as they might be related to the profile issue (if indeed that is the issue).

FF is known for profile corruption problems (probably because of all the cool 3rd-party add-ons).


Actually LM, it just isn’t FF, the loading is also with IE

Doh! Sorry, I missed that. :frowning: Never mind my suggestion, then!

Are you aware of any changes to your system (new applications, updates, etc) that occurred around the time this started?

If you think it’s the new RAM, that’s easy enough to check - simply remove it and see if the problem goes away… (or have you already done that, too?)


The speed of your connection often depends on your Internet service provider (ISP). If you believe you should have better speeds than what you are getting, you can talk with your ISP’s technical support staff; they may have some suggestions.
Keep in mind that the Internet will be slower during peak usage times. Web servers are busy, and often this causes a lot of congestion. Late at night and early in the morning are always the best times to surf—even for broadband connections, which provide relatively fast connection speeds to begin with.
If Internet Explorer seems to have slowed down over time, you can dump all of the temporary Internet files and cookies. This sometimes helps Explorer speed up its work.

Also, How much RAM do you have now?


I have contacted my internet service provider and they have said nothing is wrong with my connection. And I have not yet tried check my RAM inside my computer. I have 1.5GB of RAM, 2x256 and 1GB stick.

What I’m thinking of doing if taking out the RAM I added doesn’t change anything, I’m going to try a system restore to an earlier date, but I’m not quiet sure.

EDIT: I have just rearranged the RAM, but i don’t see a difference with my speed.

Didn’t really think the ram would make a difference on that; the times I’ve seen new ram rejected or have problems, the system won’t boot into Windows.

System Restore is an easy and relatively painless thing to try. If something has just gotten a bit out of whack, that may be the cure you’re looking for.


I have just completed a system restore, and there is sort of a difference, but not much. Could the problem be with my modem?

How are the modem lights doing? If you have a router try bypassing it. You can try to swapping modems for testing.

Or repair the winsock. In XP: Start > Run > netsh winsock reset and reboot.

If I’m not misunderstand your first posts; its the “reaction” time of your browsers that matter, and not the speed it loads websites page, right?
Then I’m pretty sure its not your network nor hardware.
There must be one or two security software that lack the response time. …since the symptoms sprung-up when you make some interaction in your browser; which gets caught by the security softwares monitoring your browsing activity; like clicking a bookmark or do some search from its integrated search box.

…aside from CFP, what else security software you got there?

to Wis: I have NOD32, and 3 other antispyware programs, but they aren’t running in the background, but AVG AS does have the guard.exe running in the back.

to Soya: my modem lights seem to be fine and I have just tried to repair that winsock thing, but still nothing.


Continue on from there to reinstall the TCP/IP.

so Soya, will that thing do anything bad to my computer? Because I don’t have any problems with other programs that connect to the net, I’m just having this awkward speed.

And this is the first time this has ever happened to my Internet Connection

EDIT: To be more in depth with this problem of mine, I only have the slow speed if I’m going to a different site, but going to a link in the main site isn’ t really a problem.

PS. I am also seeing a system format in the window again

Try disabling the AVG AS active scanning/protection. If guard.exe has any “web shielding” capabilities, it could very well be interfering.

If other internet applications work fine, and your browsers have no problem opening and connecting initially, I don’t foresee any actual connectivity problems. Just something interfering with page-loading. Easy enough to disable AVG and see if that makes a difference.


Or to be safe, try it in Safe Mode With Networking and see if there’s any difference. Please note that any software firewalls won’t load in this mode, so be quick about it.

alright, thanks guys once again.

I’ll let you guys know what happens (:KWL)