Weird counting of traffic...

eMule was running for like 10 minutes and results are as follows (on connection 1024/256):

How it was able to send/recieve over 1GB of data in 10 minutes is beyond me…
QEDIT: At time of writing it’s already at 2GB and counting at rate 5MB per second…

I had the same behavior with Xfire. It was downloading with 10Mb/s… but when I checked in Xfire it was 250kb/s… I have a 100Mbit connection but i don’t believe the downloadspeed in CPF…

Well my connection can pull out 128KB/s down and 30KB/s up. CPF is showing like 5MB/s. So it’s physically impossible. Anyway i hope they’ll fix this…

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This is a known issue that CPF sometimes shows wrong traffic amount. It will be fixed in the future versions.

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Egemen, please do. I am not sure about others but one of the main reason I use a firewall is to check my outbound Internet traffic. To me, showing the correct amount of traffic transmitted by a particular program is a very crucial thing.

Thank you.

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Would be cool if there was some status page with these info stats (maybe as third tab under traffic field?):

  • Total data transfered in both directions
  • Total inbound data
  • Total outbound data
  • Total data transfered in both directions for current session
  • Total inbound data for current session
  • Total outbound data for current session
  • Current number of active connections
  • Number of port scans total
  • Number of port scans for current session
  • possibly some others (like total data transfered for this month, this week and this day). Of course when this bandwidth problem is fully solved. I always liked statistics and these are no exception. Plus it would be great for those that have bandwidth limited DSL connections.


I think this is a great idea. I personally would love more info from the firewall, the more the merrier. :smiley: Perhaps CPF should have a Advanced mode and Standard mode so new users would not be scare off by the wealth of information if Comodo were to make available all of those suggestions of yours. I really love to see this idea of yours implemented. I hope someone in Comodo is reading this thread. :wink:

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Why dont you post these to our wishlist? That thread is better so that we wont skip implementing these.


I already did the same moment i posted idea here (mostly because the bug is also connected with it hehe).