Websocket problem

Hello to everyone! I’m new here but I’m using Comodo dragon since version 11 :slight_smile:
and today I updated to version 16 and websockets stopped working… is it a bug or should i change settings in flag section?

I’m using windows xp andtried to turn off firewall… no effect

any ideas?

Hi Avrozavr,
It is working here, you haven’t disable Javascript?

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well, i can pass this test but for example i can’t open https://tiles.crawl.develz.org/ an browser roguelike… and yesterday with the 15 dragon all was ok

Same here…

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That site doesn’t work here either with Dragon16 or IE9 but it does with Firefox8 so I have asked for help from the other Mods, if anyone has some ideas they might reply.
Good luck.

Edit: Just did a bit of searching before and it appears some Chrome versions might of had some issues as well.

also no websocket connection to godville.net:slight_smile: i know that these all are game like sites but I actually use websockets only there…

sorry for double post but this may come handy :slight_smile: websocket test results

On the tiles.crawl.develz.org site I also get the sockets thing on Dragon 16… but, I’m also getting it on Chrome 16 as well. Everything seems OK on the godville.net site, with both browsers… but, I didn’t use SSL on that site since the SSL certificate is invalid.

edit: To exclude SSL, is there a site that fails that doesn’t use SSL? Avrozavr, were you using SSL on godville.net?

on the godville site ssl is used automatically and there is no way to turn it off… ah perhaps it is temporarily problem… i don’t know :slight_smile: but anyways thanks for help :slight_smile: if websockets will start to work then i will post here

If I try http://tiles.crawl.develz.org rather than https://tiles.crawl.develz.org in Firefox 8, then I momentarily see the websockets message before Firefox automatically switches me to the HTTPS page (which works under Firefox).

Until I saw this I also suspected that it was an intermittent site-specific problem, now I’m not so sure. Mind you, I’ve no idea what the problem is at the moment.

then question still stays open :slight_smile: maybe it will help someone else too… i hope the developers will fix this fast :slight_smile: in comodo 15 yesterday all was okay

updated still same problem :slight_smile:

websockets started to work today… didn’t change anything so closing the topic! thanks for answers