Websites that allows you to send free SMS.... [NOMINATIONS]

Hi Everyone

I thought it might be a useful resource if we all contributed to a list of all sites that allows free sms. lets only put tried and tested ones pls.

thank you


[b][i]Mod Edit: This is a Nomination List, Please submit legitimate websites, Mods will decide what goes here: (Which is the real list).


Australia - - ad supported

Requires registration and you get 10 free texts - only works for UK mobile phone numbers. For extra texts you have to pay £1.50 for 30:

5 Free SMS a day, Limited Characters. Also paid options available.


how about collating all these into a single post with the relevant info next to it, so that it will be a good resource for everyone.


Made a Sticky here:

Mods pls edit it. We will get to work on adding the relevant information. This sticky here can be a Nomination list.