Websites' Data and State Get Reset after Every Single Browser Update

Hello The Comodo Dragon Browser Team,

I just want to point out whether this is intended or not? :
Each time the Comodo Dragon browser updates itself, it seems that all the websites’ data (i.e. cookies, logged-in state, etc.) in the browser gets deleted. It seems that all websites get reset.
Because when I visit websites after a browser update, all of them behave as if I’m visiting them for the first time (i.e. I need to accept cookies again, I’m logged out, all my saved settings for the websites are gone, etc.).

After quite some time (I think at least 1,5 years), this behavior becomes quite annoying…

I’m aware that there’s no Google Sync, so saved passwords in the browser get deleted (although it’d be nice if Comodo can develop a solution to remedy this, maybe an in-house passwords manager that comes bundled with the Comodo Dragon ; or even, can passwords be saved safely within the browser, without having to rely on an external / cloud service?).

Other than that, everything seems fine: the browser works normally, bookmarks keep intact, extensions also, and even the browser history is intact.

When I go to


to check websites’ saved data and permissions in the browser, it seems that actually the browser still saves all the websites’ data. But contradictively, when I visit the websites, they behave as if the browser doesn’t have any saved data for them at all.

Comodo Dragon version 103.0.5060.114 (64-bit)
on Windows 10 64-bit.

Could you have a look into this?, and if the problem is legit, maybe fix it?
If the behavior is intended, maybe for security, can you at least let users choose whether to have it or not?
If I need to reset my browser (clean uninstall, clear all data, etc.) to troubleshoot, could you please tell me how can I then still restore my bookmarks, extensions, etc. after the reset? Note, that this data is specific to the Comodo Dragon browser and can’t be imported from another web browser in my computer.

THANK YOU! Have a nice day!


Hi jsa,

Please switch Comodo Dragon update setting to Manual and proceed updating your browser using Manual update option.