Website suggestion

I have two suggestions about the forum’s email notifications.

(1.) When the forum emails you that someone has replied to a topic you’re watching, you can click the link in the message to go to the post’s page. But to continue the discussion, you must log in—and when you do that, you’re sent to the forum index, not the page you came to see. How about returning us to the same page we were viewing when we clicked “Log In”?

(2.) When you reply to a topic you’re watching, the forum sends you a notification about you own message. I know we can seem a bit absent-minded at times—but when most of us post a message, we’re aware of it and needn’t be notified. ;?)

(The behaviours I’ve suggested are pretty much standard now.)

Oh goody—I love it when a mod moves one of my posts to a more appropriate section. It makes me feel acknowledged.

It doesn’t seem like anyone wants to wade into these particular issues, though. Oh well, I guess the acknowledgment from a mod is the next-best thing. :?)

unfortunately us mods are just volunteer moderators and dont work for comodo. We cant fix website issues or add functionality so the best thing we can do is the put posts in the correct location so the comodo employees can easily see them.

So Comodo is understaffed? They can’t moderate their own forum?

I’m sure you enjoy doing this for them—but by making it unnecessary to hire someone to do it, you’re just increasing their profits and eliminating a job. Nothing personal, but ethically, this sort of thing should be included in a business model IMHO.

I have no idea if they are understaffed. That said we do get comodo employees logging on to the forum every now and again. im sure they will see the post but that doesnt mean it will be implemented. The comodo staff can be identified by the staff avatars seen here:

The Forum is to support all free products, using us instead of Comodo Staff to moderate the forum is not going to increase profits.

There is a specific support website for all paid products.

Thank you


They’re probably not paid to do it. Perhaps I’m a bit naive but it should be their initiative.