Website Reputation Rating / Security Advisor

Create a Website Reputation Rating and/or Security Advisor.


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Something that can be added to the browser, without running any background processes.


Thats kind of what HopSurf is for.

No, I mean like an addon, not a toolbar.

Something like WOT or Browser Defender for general websites.

Could Comodo use CIMA to analyse websites?

What happens if the site get injected with some malicious code?

The V-Engine wouldn’t detect it? ???

Neither would wot in real-time.They are based on ratings .Use noscript(default deny and whitelist) and linkextend.

And ‘RequestPolicy’. :-TU

Site Inspector would analyse a site for malicious activity.


Indeed but the first defense is your hand ;D try to think before clicking on every link. ;D

If that’s ‘Paessler Site Inspector’, I’m giving it a try now; looks interesting…

Ah’, I C! :smiley:

Paessler Site Inspector was ■■■■ BTW… Too buggy. 88)

How does it scan for malicious activity? Does it use CIMA?

Quote form Melih in MRG.

Some sites "attack" user's browsers.. it is those active attacks this checks. this is NOT a AV checking for hosted content.

This is an “Attack Detection” tool.


I use Avast HE for that, & it does a very good job along with CIS (Firewall Only). The “Web Shield” from Avast prevents such kind of infections.

I do use Avast!, until today where is was replaced by MSE. But I shall switch back to Avast! when version 5 is released.

I’ve just used the siteinspector website provided by Comodo, I typed in the website result = clean
The website as we all know is a rogue website. Disappointed in the result.

Point taken but I think we are talking about a site advisor (reputation) sort of plug in which is needed.
An attack from a website will be avoided by the site inspector if the website in question is entered (granted) but a site advisor which would show (good or bad/green tick or red cross) during a google search for example.