Website Rendering Problems

Comodo Dragon version =

The only plugin / extension I have installed is AdBlock 2.1.4

No Themes installed.

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit

UAC is disabled / Administrator privileges

Windows installed on Drive C:

Dragon installed in /program files/

( the last time I embedded the image, it was to small to view, so I posted the link instead.

Here is the problem :

Some times certain sites will not load correctly & are rendered (broken) as shown in the image I uploaded of Yahoo. I have had the same thing happen with & The strange thing is that it doesn’t always render these sites “broken” like this. It seems to be around a 50/50 chance of incorrect rendering. Other times the sites load as they are intended to load.

I have “tested” the sites in other browsers when Dragon loads them “broken”, such as in FireFox, & the sites load as they are intended.

I am not sure what could be causing this honestly, & I wanted to bring this to light if it isn’t already a known problem.


Hi The Zodiac :slight_smile: , Perhaps is a little bug of the Comodo Dragon version Kind regards

CARON67 please check the date of posting Version 6 was not released back then.

Many thanks EricJH but only today I have noted this little bug with this old version of Comodo Dragon version with a my old PC . Too I now use the new version ( 6 ) , at soon bye Kind regards