Website not rendering properly


I have Chromodo installed in Windows 8.1 (x64)

The following website is not rendering properly in Chromodo (tried many times), but the same website works fine in Chrome.

Requesting for a fix.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Rafale,
The site looks fine here, maybe I am missing something.
Can you please be more specific or post some screenshots of the issue and I will see if it reproduces here?


Hi captainsticks,

Thanks for reply.
I have attached screenshot taken few minutes back from chromodo.
FYI. Chrome Extensions I have installed in Chromodo and Chrome browsers are same.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Rafale,
Thanks for the screenshot, sorry that is not reproducing here.

I would try clearing your browser data.

I would also try with all extensions disabled in case there is a conflict.
Incognito mode will disable your extensions, unless you have set any to run in incognito mode.

Kind regards.

Tried Incognito Mode (all plugins disabled). Issue not resolved.
Not sure what is causing the issue. Will wait for next Chromodo update.

Working with Chromodo v45.