Website giving wrong information

I’ve tried several Firefox versions on IPv4 and IPv6 but to no avail.
Also TOR browser shows a messy Home Page (not always).

If it was, it’s Ok now

Quickly fixed. Ok here now too.

The page looked like as if it was missing style scripts. It showed only plain text links with images scattered around.

No I’m not inexperienced at all and I know this is called Window Dressing which I think should be forbidden because it fools people.
And sorry to say but the whole Comodo home page is full of it. It even tells people that CIS FW is still Windows XP compatible. >:-D

Internet is wild >:-D
We have a forum section for it, you may report it to there :a0

I didn’t know. >:-D
I already reported it back in august 2020(!) and I have given up to report any more web issues because it seems that they not fix it, so reporting is useless and pointless. >:-D
See here: CIS XP and Vista