Website Filtering

W10 Famille - 20H2 - 19042.867 / CFW :


I created a new category containing one URL.

I added this category to the “Blocked Sites” rule.

When I want to access the website using Firefox :

  • the load of the CPU increases sharply because of CIS
  • Firefox is on a loop for a while
  • no alert is displayed.

There’s still some issues with the website filtering. Try switching the option “ask” to “block” and it’ll block the page from even trying to load and that may resolve the issue. You can also use use wildcards e.g. facebook and it’ll block any URL containing that word.

Thank you for your reply.

I modified the URL with wildcards.
I switched the option “Ask” to “Block”.

Firefox is running in the container and is always on a loop as you can see in the log; it tries, tries, tries … to connect

I think it has something to do with Firefox running in containment. I get a few entries in normal or private browsing where the browser tries to connect to facebook but no browser or sysem lags or spikes.

I’ll wait and see if one of the other Mods or Devs have more knowledge on this,

Hi domo78,

We are checking this issue.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Thak you for your reply.

It seems also that the function “Ask” doen’t work : none alert.

Could you, please, check also this point.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Following Eric’s return, I did some new tests.

Step 1
I had created a category with several sites.
I had created a rule with this category with the following parameters “Everyone”, “Block”, “Logs”.
I activated the rule.

I have not noticed any difference between standard FF and FF in the container.
There are for each activation of a site 3 lines in the log (see at the end of the html file attached from 14:36 to 14:41) and the web page is white without any message informing that CIS has blocked the site contrary to what is expected:

Step 2
I deleted the rule and attached the category I had created to the “Blocked sites” rule.
I made an access to 2 sites and the log file is flooded with events (see attachment from 15:13).

I hope this will help.

Thanks for your feedback.

PS: as I can’t attach the html file, I send you a link by PM.

Known issue I listed this on the bug list:

11. Firefox and IE a blank page is shown instead of the Comodo block page when blocking/asking for HTTPS URLs.

Hi domo78,

We are aware of this issue and reported to the team.