Website Filtering

Does Website Filtering have any use in CIS free version?
It is enabled by default but since this is a paid feature I’m wondering if it has any function, can it be disabled?

What gives better protection, Website Filtering or Firefox with uBlock origin, NoScript and Ghostery add-ons (or a combination of both)?
Or does Website Filtering work differently?

Website filtering is not a paid feature and of course it can be disabled why would you think otherwise? Website filtering does work but just like the anti-virus, the database is weak so it doesn’t block that much. Also it only filters on URLs and not domains or scripts.

From what I can tell it is pure and simple URL/IP Blacklisting and nothing else. You can use it alongside other security extensions without conflicts. However it won’t work while you have a Proxy/VPN server enabled (let’s say Zenmate Browser extension for example).

The combo of extensions you suggested gives better protection, but I’d swap Ghostery for Malwarebytes Browser Guard (includes Ad-blocking and strong Blacklisting, but a bit heavy on RAM usage), plus Ghostery was involved in a scandal of selling out users browsing behavior in the past.

Thanks for the info, very useful as always. :-TU

Regarding paid feature, I think I got confused by the comparison chart here:
Click on Compare Free vs Full Version and then scroll somewhat further down where is says:

Web Filtering:
Protect your personal files and photos being stolen by hackers

which is ticked only in the paid version.
But maybe this is another feature or the chart may be wrong.

About disabling, I was thinking that disabling could have impact on other CIS functions but now I think it is a function on its own isolated from other CIS functionality so it is save to disable it.

Talking about the database, I was playing around with the Website Filtering settings but I was unable to find which URLs belong to a certain Category. I only see different Categories but not their containing URLs. Is it possible to browse the database for each Category in the settings somewhere to see the URLs or to edit them possibly?

Thank you for your feedback, all information is appreciated as you know. :wink:

Yes, I’ve heard about Ghostery selling their user data quite some time ago, I hope that it is not the case anymore because I like to use it.
I will have a look at Malwarebytes Browser Guard too to see what it can do for me.

That comparison is between the free AV and the complete CIS, which they call the Full Antivirus for some reason

I see, I’m mixing up the word Free in Free Antivirus with complete CIS Free for home users, thanks.

To quote myself, I have one question remaining:

There is no way of seeing the URLs associated with a given category as it is all checked against the cloud back-end. You can use verdict valkyrie to check individual URLs to see what CIS has them detected as.

OK, thanks for explaining.
I thought I overlooked a button somewhere but now it’s clear.


Some additional information about the issues encountered with WSF in these posts:;msg907083#msg907083

Attached is a screenshot of WSF logs.