Website filtering working for firefox but not other browsers?

Hello, if someone could please help I have an issue.
I used the following guide:

I created some filters with the following wilcdcards e.g:

The filters work fine but only in firefox, in Chrome and MicrosoftEdge the sites are not blocked at all and load without problem.
What would be the reason for this, shouldn’t the rules of web filtered sites be applied to all traffic despite the program?

I’m running Comodo firewall version
Much appreciate any help.
: - )

Https filtering does not work outside IE and Firefox browsers.

Hi thanks for the reply.

Is there no way to block all defined rules with web filtering? Does that mean if you block an application from internet access that it can still send outgoing via over http?

It means that any website/URL you have set to block will only block the https:// version on IE and Firefox, while blocking http works across all browsers and applications. If you set a firewall application rule to block the application then it will be blocked, just don’t try to use host name as the blocking rule because it will work, but block unrelated domains due to a long standing bug.

i would not use firefox…only on android !

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