WebSite Filtering Rules not working

Hi! I have a problema triying to set-up WebFilter rules…

After actívate the WebF Filter “master” check box I must select one of the rules available or both: blocked sites or allowed sites. After selecting blocked sites, I double click to select and check blocked sites (malware / pishig) and users to apply the rules (all).

I accept all changes and the configuratiion Window close by it self. If I go back to the same Window all rules option will be unchecked, so I guess is not working ok?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi, srlopezz

‘Comodo Safe category’, ‘Comodo Phishing category’ and ‘Comodo Malware category’ are non-modifiable lists which are managed by Comodo. It means that the users don’t know which sites are added in these categories. So you should not test the Website Filtering by using these categories.

If you want to do some tests, you’d better add a specific website and you can follow the instruction.

May it help .

The check-boxes here aren’t for marking that they are active, they’re selection check-boxes for when you want to remove several lists at once etc.

So, I don’t need to check “Blocked Sites” to enable the WebFilter? Automatically, enabling Web filtering option, Comodo will start filtering the web?
I’m sorry, I don’t have any url to test :frowning:

I’m note entirely sure what you’re asking, you can check my video on how I set it up.

First of all: WOW! Thanks!

As both of you mentioned, checkboxes don’t need to be checked to be allready working. Video explained clear as water. Thank you very much!