Website Filtering - Not Working [M2318]

Hello Comodo Team !
Congrats 4 The Best Protection software.
Fantastic work, and i am sure that Comodo will become one of the biggest active player in the AV+FW with his crucial SandBox IT world.
Really amazed about how good is CiS, and i do know what i am talking about…

Anyway the Website Filtering is not working after reboot, as i am trying to customize an hosts file with block for Malware, fakenews, adult’s ■■■■■ and gomorrah depravation, dangerous websites and so on…
Well the hosts in cause is quite big like 10,397,225 bytes…
Could this be the cause ?!

Please check the attach file.

Thanks COMODO Team.

Removed link to website. Eric

configure entries like:

and try.

You first need to add the .txt extension to the Host file before you can use the import websites function, then choose the file type as either MalwarePatrol format or User list format from the drop down list.

Thanks 4 very quick response…
i can’t do the same…i work at nights…sleep at days…

i tried much things…none work…
maybe a COMODO ram limit ?!
with small custom file it works but with over an unknown number of websites it don’t…
simple it works till os reboot…after that is gone…the settings i mean…
here are the website filtering re-updated and ansi, utf-8 even unix formats…
all with the same results after os reboot…
please check the screenshots as well…

many thanks…

Please use following steps as detailed below:

  1. Save your file as hosts.txt and ensure it contents are the same as you attached earlier, don’t include as that should be the case when you use as etc/hosts file.
  2. Go to webfiltering section and create a new category e.g. BlockedSitesFromHostsFile
  3. Select newly created category and then select “Import Websites” option and select hosts.txt file from step-1
  4. Go to Rules section and create a rule e.g. “RuleForHosts” and select category as ‘BlockedSitesFromHostsFile’ as created in 2nd step from restrictions section select “Everyone” as user with restriction as Block. Then press OK
  5. Before you exit from “Settings”, please ensure you press OK rather Cancel.

I tested by browsing one sites ‘’ from your list and it works as expected.

Please see enclosed screen shots.



Did you tested after pc reboot as well ?
As for me after pc reboot the settings are not in there anymore, are Blanks !

You are right. If list is large, it disappears.
Thanks for reporting.

We will address it.

Thanks umesh !

COMODO is The Best Security Protection i ever tested !
The Sandbox idea was/is today and tomorrow’s 0 day protection against malware.
COMODO should promote this hardly as the CiS altogether pack could easy outrun by 90% other AV companies…

And i do know what i am talking !

Regards ro.edi