Website error

on this link :

security alert (see attachment)

Hi domo78,

Thank you for reporting, we will check and update you.

I can open the link.

I could (and still can) open the link since it had been reported.

the problem is not that it is not possible to open the link but an alert about an expired certificate.

I don’t see such alert either, the page opens normally for me.
Or do I need to click on something on that page?

it must depend on the AV used (BitDefender on this PC)

I’ve checked the page Certificates with Firefox 89.
All Certificates (there are three of them) on that page are valid (not expired).

it seems that the alert does not occur directly on the Comodo page but on a page called (

Trying to open “” in Firefox yields “Unable to connect” error.
Non existing page???

Hi domo78,

Are you trying to access this page “Shopping Cart” or just “

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT

The access to the page “” is directly from the page “Comodo Internet Security Pro 2022 | Advanced Internet Security

I only tried to access this page later “” (screenshot 1). There now seems to be a problem with the cookies.

I have just tried the access to the page “Shopping Cart”; it is ok (screenshot2)