Website blocking: IP and keywords

  1. What actually happened or you saw:

Some other programs have feature to block websites by keywords and IP addresses in addition to URLs.

  1. What you wanted to happen or see:

Implement that feature so that Comodo could block websites by keywords and IP addresses, not just URLs.

When you say keywords, do you mean words in the URL or on the website but not in the URL?

You can use the web filter to block keywords in the URL, for example if you want to block “malware” then you need to make a category, add the rule for website “malware” to the category and then add that category to the Blocked Sites rule.

You can use the Firewall to block IP addresses.

Hi and thanks a lot for your reply!

Sounds funny, but I didn’t know about that! :slight_smile: Silly me. Will explore that in more details and write here if it is not something I think might be useful to implement. Thanks a lot again and sorry for wasting your time.