Comodo WebShield i.e Malicious/Phishing Protection.
Its not updated often. May be once in 3-4 days.

I think they should remove it if they cant maintain it more often & regularly.
Its useless if they cant maintain it more often & regularly.

I think would be better if WebShield is Cloud based & so always up-to-date.

And would be better if there is an option during CIS install to Add/Remove WebShield like other modules.

Do you mean the Web Filter in CIS? If so then I use it to block certain sites so I wouldn’t want them to remove that feature, I’d have to find another way to block those sites then.
I’m all in favor of cloud-based web filter although it may not work that well in practice, it takes time to do a cloud-lookup and it could cause websites to take a long time to load in comparison to what people find acceptable.

Issue with cloud-based web filter:

[ol]- Try to go to example.com

  • Web filter does a Cloud lookup - this may take several seconds
  • Website is now allowed to load[/ol]

Comodo is good at policy based, rules based, etc… software.

When it comes to detection, scanners, heuristics & behavior analysis, etc… Comodo is mediocre. AV, WebShield, etc… mediocre at best.

I find only one of Comodo technology in detection/scanners, etc… excellent, infact awesome but sadly they messed it up as it seems discontinued.
And that was the best ever detection technology from Comodo house & it was “Valkyrie”.

If they could have find a way to incorporate Valkyrie local/cloud in its complete form & could have make it work fast enough, it could have been a game changer for Comodo in both detection & protection world.

I though Comodo Secure DNS was their ‘cloud’ webshield.

Can WebFilter be used to block ads i.e can EasyList & EasyPrivacy used by AdblockPlus, uBlock, etc… to remove ads be used in WebFilter to remove ads?

I have no idea, I just use it to block certain websites on my system.

Got it