WebInspector free web version

A new version of SiteInspector is available to try here:

We are constantly improving the detection technology and we are grateful for any feedback you can provide.

What is SiteInspector?
After you type in the URL of a website, SiteInspector acts as a vulnerable customer, visits the URL, analyzes the content and determines if the web content on the page is malicious. Each scan takes only a few seconds. SiteInspector provides scan reports containing the identified malware at the end, enabling the administrator to take corrective actions and to keep the website safe and reliable.

Excellent work guys!

This is a Realtime checking for Malicious Websites!

This product will catch if the Site is Malicious or not.

welldone again!


URL Removed for Safety is a malicious site with a fake av download. Site scan & report query says the site is perfectly ok???


Edit: Ok so this service only scans the url & not the contents of the site, right???

This service checks if the Site “attacks” you or not.

It does not check if the site hosts malware content or not.


Got it. Thanxx for the info.


Seems on demand, not on access… Am I wrong or what?

I tried it on a site running a Java exploit and it said the site was safe. Is this because Comodo didn’t recognize the exploit?

This is going to be a bookmark :slight_smile:

Is it not possible for this service to be implemented into a real time site advisor browsing tool such as the likes of WOT, MCAFEE , NORTON , TREND MICRO and the list goes on have done?. What an hassle to keep going to your web page and entering a web site to see if a site is safe or not.
All you need to do is make a comodo alternative to the likes of mcafee’s site advisor and WOT’s safe browsing tool. A Green for yes - red for no.Comodo could be the king in this field if they put their mind to it.

Norton and WOT and Mcafee all have the browsing tools I am talking about (red for no,green for yes indicator) but also on their page they have the same feature as Comodo are offering here, “scan a site for malware”

Please don’t get me wrong here, I am not knocking Comodo. I can see Comodo putting the other’s to shame here if they made such a browsing tool just like they have done with their firewall and internet security suite,A simple Green symbol for YES and red symbol for NO,search engine searches to be included too.

My dear Melih!, you keep saying “All you have to do is ask” well I am asking, please make a safe browsing tool which is better than Mcafee site advisor, Norton safe web, trend Protect’s trendprotect, WOT.
All of which are okay but could be so better, Comodo better if you know what I mean.


Manchester England

just noticed that your site inspector site has a little bug, once you enter a web address for scanning the task status says “watting to scan” :smiley: Just a little spelling bug.

Also, is this beta? the detection is poor.I entered 5 sites that I knew were infected and site inspector found them all safe.the site inspector said ************.co.cc is safe ?? but I thought Comodos DNS blocks co.cc.
Is there a problem here??Why does the comodo site inspector say that this web site is safe but the DNS service blocks it?

just of note, WOT let that site through saying it was safe where as Norton’s DNS blocked it.
The ************.co.cc site in question redirects to fake av.

Hi Androo Circe,
Leaving aside the spelling typo
This new version is not beta as far as it was advertised, but the detections was always quite poor

As for DNS service, please try others and compare.
Say, OpenDNS is always more reliable here & much faster (sure the latter depends…)
In addition you can employ Hosts File Management as well.

WOT is just a community ratings - & that is very different
If you want to compare similar services - try Dr.Web link checker (off-line service) / Finjan Secure Browsing (on-line, but can be slow) & alike those are scanning the code as Comodo Site Inspector

In addition, do you for sure that the site itself is poisoned?

This services will not alert you in case the site is hosting malware (see comment by Melih above).

My regards

p.s. added I forgot to mention new service by VirusTotal & its Add-on for Firefox

are you sure these sites attack or only host malware?

also, good chunk of these sites only attack the same IP once.

You asked for a security toolbar…a security toolbar you will get…:slight_smile:


Many thanks Melih, I think a lot of comodo users would welcome a security toolbar (in the way mcafee,norton,WOT,trend micro) have developed one.

A search on google for example displays the results with a green tick for yes (safe site) and red cross (unsafe site) That’s all I asked for and you said you will deliver, Once again Melih and Comodo a BIG THANK YOU :-TU.

Please make sure this toolbar can be added to your Comodo Dragon browser :wink:


Manchester England.

That is awesome!!!
Any eta?
I’m using this at the moment, would like to see something similar

Shane is developing this product.

Thanks! :-TU
For my guidance, which forum section will contain future info about it?

P.S. Sorry for going off topic, I am really interested!

there will be a specific one… we don’t have it yet

Thanks a lot!
Awesome products lately, Comodo Intelligence helped me evaluate findxplorer.dll on a friend’s pc, and SiteInspector works awesome!
I tested it from MDL:


Edited: Blurred link for security…


Where can I submit a malicious undetected Link ?

I believe this is the link
Although it is not necessary, when you type in URL, it will go to the site and pretend it’s you and see what it does…