WebInspector Account Locked

Hello there,

Can someone please assist me with my clients account, they’ve been locked out for too many failed login attempts and we can no longer run a PCI Scan on their website.
I have been calling and been making livechats on various sites regarding this issue and no one can help me.

Kind Regards,

Liam Murray

Hello, Liam
Can you please explain where exactly they were banned. On what URL?

Hello Slav,

My client was banned at this address: https://pci.webinspector.com/sas/login.jsp

Do you think we can have a call/or private message regarding this issue so we can get this resolved? My Client is being penalized by PayPal as they’re not compliant at the moment.

I’m not handle that entry point. Is customer has active license for PCI scan?

Hello there,

I’ve purchased another license for testing purposes and this hasn’t worked. It’s doing the same.

I can also confirm that the license is active.