Webcam Protection

I have been using these two in tandem.


I use WebCam On-Off - and if anything slips by it Who Stalks My Cam will kick in.

Edit : Also there are some great freeware applications on the Sordum website.

just curiosity Sayer, wouldn’t CIS warn you of any trojan to begin with?

Qihoo 360 total security comes with webcam protection too.
It can be used as a full cloud AV (great 0-day detection due to their heuristic engine, even if there could be few FP) or you can use Avira and Bitdefender offline database.
In any case, it’s very lightweight on system resources

Layered security John. I’m thinking more of any trusted software I allow. Not one to take chances. There could be “reputable company” that might try to exploit this. Just look at the claims made against Facebook of doing this, but i see your point.

I only speak Comodo. Not saying Qihoo is a bad product. I just prefer to use the best.

Well, this part of the forum is about “other security products” where “other” means “non comodo”

You may have noticed I started TALKING about webcams . The post took a turn towards other software so I made my point.

yes, you started this post to talk about two non-comodo softwares that can run alongside cis and enhance webcam protection. and i have added a third software that can do the same (and much more), so i don’t think i’m off topic

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No problem Eric. I’m not in a contest and Jon79 has his opinion. I do not believe there is a rule you can’t mention CIS in the other software thread. Either way no problems with or from me.

Thanks EricJH

Hi EricJH,
I don’t see any reason to report any sAyer’s post here as inappropriate.
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Cut out a suitable rectangle of cardboard. Bend it down the middle. Drop it over your webcam so that the lens is covered. Remove when you want to use the webcam. Cheap. Foolproof. Effective.

Ahahahahah, great suggestion :-TU
But don’t forget to add the Comodo logo on it, just for extra security :wink:

My webcam (C930e) came with what it called a Privacy screen, which is just a hinged clip mounted over the camera. I use it as a dust screen when not using the camera.
No issues

I was referring to this post: