Webcam protection configuration

Hi all,

I was trying to find out if the newest version of CIS has webcam protection. Kaspersky is installed on one of my laptops and it has this feature, but I miss the smoothness that only comes with Comodo CIS :slight_smile: Is this a currently included security component or the worksin future plan? If available now, how do I set it up? Thanks in advance. :-TU

CIS does not have webcam protection. It wouldn’t be a bad addition to CIS as it is a suite which is supposed to have some extras, although I don’t think CIS should go to the direction of Kasp. I feel that CIS maintains a balance between being barebones and going all out with like a dozen other features like most suites these days, which you may or may not need, and Comodo gives user the option to not install most of them. I would like to see Comodo keep that balance, but that is just my opinion.

You can disable the webcam via services.msc when you’re not using it (Maybe even uninstall it alltogether if you don’t use it ever use it, make sure to create restore point before doing that), or just cover the webcam up. On my laptop I have both approaches.

If you’re afraid of malware in the sandbox activating the webcam, I think CIS blocks sensitive areas from being accessed. However just to be sure you can use the firewall to block connections for fishy apps so that the malware cannot send the captured data to the criminals, rendering the stolen data useless.


Thanks for awesome reply. I agree with you on the perfect balance of Comodo. I ended up going into Device Manager, then disabling HP webcam that was listed under Imaging Devices. Thanks for making a lightbulb go off for me! :-TU :slight_smile: