Web Shield wish

It would be good to have WebShield enable/disable on main CIS GUI & tray icon right-click options.

Do you mean Webfilter? if yes,
Please edit your wish here in required format.

I think Comodo should make it easy to post wish/bugs, etc…

For every little things a standard format requirement is not a good way & many a times users avoid to post wish, bugs etc… due to the requirement which me & many users many times for many things finds not necessary.

Hi yessnooo,
Bugs have a required format to specify particular systems and individual bugs.
With so many system variables, not every system will experience the same bug making it near impossible to replicate at times.

Wishes have four easy questions which are easy to understand and the poll is to see if the wish has enough interest to warrant implementing.
We can’t expect any wish to be carried out if it is only one user requesting it.

Just imagine the Developers trying to decipher each individual wish/bug if some kind of format was not followed, it would be a nightmare and very inefficient.

Edit: Reworded.