web scanner

Comodo is a very secure program already but the only problem is when you visit a malicous website it allows you to download the exe and the scanner may or may not catch it.
I think a web scanner in version 4 would make it the best security suite ever, and I can’t wait for the sandboxing in version 4, and also it might reduce antivrus update sizes.

Thanks, and please give me a link as soon as the beta is out so i can download it and do some testing.

hi Compgeek

We will catch it…you don’t need a web scanner for that :wink:

We check any hard disk i/o activity. if there is an exe… we’ll catch it using this method.


In other words, Malware goes to either 2 places:
Hard Drive

CIS watches both on-access with Memory Scanner and Hard Drive Scanner. :slight_smile: No need for Email scanning, web scanning, it just bogs down system and malware needs to execute into these 2 places (RAM and HDD) from whether it would be Email, Web, or even IM.



ok I understand, but are you planning on adding a behivor blocker in version 4.0, because that is an effective way to block malware as well as hips.

Please take my suggestion into consideration
Thanks, Compgeek
P.S. I recently did some retroactive tests on Cis and the anti virus blocked everything and only marked 4 out of 20 as suspicious, which the hips blocked. I submitted the suspicious samples to you guys. i’m happy to see the large virus defs are put to good use and not just for show.

Comodo is really improving!!!
Keep up the good work!!!
Can’t wait for version 4!!!

Yes Behavior Blocker will be in CIS 4… It will be no doubt the most powerful and easiest to use suite on the planet, for free. Behavior Blocker, Sandboxing and Time Machine together with Defense+, Firewall and a top notch AV will be something to compete with!


I was just thinking if insted of a web scanner you could add malware blocking to the secure dns part of comodo. that way you wouldn’t have to use more memory, and then if you browsed to a malicious website
comodo would just throw up a page saying that:
malware has been found on this page and comodo has blocked it from entering your computer.

Just a thought, dosen’t a dns control web traffic and other stuff
Please take my request into considiration,
Thanks :comodo110: :comodorocks: (:KWL)

I will let Comodo Dragon take care of that :wink:


to make secure dns block malicious urls ,
You could use collective intelligence when a user browses to a malicious url you could block it for every other user or you could use google’s malicious database.
Just a thought<

You sure are hopeful, boss man. Now let’s see Dragon (figuratively) become as extensible and (therefore) appealing as Firefox. That’ll be a sure win.