Web page freezing

Hi Mostly on youtube but with other non video sites. My cursor will become unresponsive videos stop(or site wont load correctly) then the page disappears leaving desktop image! After a minute or so everything returns to where it was and runs as normal. I’m thinking this could be some adobe flash or javascript issue but not sure. This happens with opera 12.17 & cyberfox 33. System is win7 home premium 64bit cis 7 only realtime security.Any ideas appreciated.

Hi lyn,
Try disabling ‘hardware acceleration’ within the browsers if it is available.
Try temporarily disabling any (Especially blocking or filtering) extensions one by one to see if any are causing the issue.

Kind regards.

Hi Captain I’ve always disabled hardware acceleration in opera don’t know if I can in cyberfox. Thing is I have the same config on another laptop similar spec with no issues! Don’t want to factory reset but I may have to if it gets annoying.

I have noticed that myself a few times Lyn, that it just freezes and for me using Opera 25 the screen goes black, and I have to wait for a few moments, then it comes back to normal.

It is a strange one.

Hmm maybe it’s an opera thing? That wouldn’t explain cyberfox though! On a side note opera 25 & future versions I have dipped my toe into it’s murky waters & it’s not for me.

Hi lyn,

The error for Opera is the NPAPI based Flash Player, but what gets me is this!! look at Caption.

Where you see blue marker that is meant for Chromium and Opera and the Red marker for the rest .

However I did try the blue marker but it does not work, it shows up on my opera as flashplayer not installed.

So I have to use the Red marker, to have Flash player running on my system.

I have no idea what is the difference between NPAPI and PPAPI. However I installed both and Uninstalled the Blue one.

But on my Flashplayer settings within Control Panel shows this Capture 2

Therefore, all my problems are over, everything runs fine.

As for the latest Opera I really like it, and I’m looking forward to the Future :slight_smile:


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