Web Of Trust not showing warning screen when going to "very poor" websites


I have just installed Comodo Dragon. A friend of mine has CD with the Web of Trust (WOT) extension and he showed me how if one clicks on a website that has the red circle (“very poor” rating), one gets a black page that warns to stop or to proceed at one’s own risk.

I installed WOT and gave it a test run. I found a wesbite with a “very poor” rating and proceeded to click on it. Unfortunately I did not get the warning message, as it loaded the page anyway (it still shows the red circle in the navigation bar).

I have fiddled with the settings, uninstalled and re-installed WOT, all to no avail. (I am able to go to api.mywot.com and do get the message.)

Can anyone help me get WOT to work properly? Thanks!

The solution, if one encounters such a problem, is to go to https://www.mywot.com/en/settings/en-US/chrome/20120409/welcome#welcome and then select “Basic” option, then click “Finish”.

Basically one has to enable WOT to show search results ratings in a pop-up window.

Is this a problem with Chromium? I remember something about limited APIs.

I know Firefox and Internet Explorer, both display a “Block Page” for how you have configured WOT.