Web not working?


I tried to enter on www.comodo.com and I get an error that says

403 Forbidden


There is any problem with the web? Thanks.

EDIT: Now seems to work.

Good that it works again. Why #_ga=2.25999103.3977521.1508070601-1507197025.1371851517 in the URL you posted?

Did you edit my post or something? Because I don’t see that on my post, and maybe I’m wrong but I remember to write it manually, not copy and paste…

I did not, and you would see if it had been edited. I right-clicked and copied the URL. Now, if I look at your post’s code, I see it is not included there. Weird. Don’t know where it comes from.

In the past I had an issue that were caused by Chrome extensions that creates sponsored links to get payed.

In my case, before enter a web it would pass by a shorter service style adf.ly that will pay to the creator of the extension. I am not positive that it is your case, but you could check just in case.

What? I didn’t see that neither. Where do you see that??

EDIT: Maybe you’re refering to the code of JoWa and not mine? Because I don’t see nothing weird on my post :S

I figured out something, maybe it is something that the forum add when a topic is moved?

My original post was here: