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i have set CIS premium free beta v7 to proactive security mode with all the features set to there best level of protection but the new web filtering component in comodo v7 beta is doing horribly bad & worst even , first of all there is no alert window shown for the very rare amount of bad websites that comodo was able to block , i tested CIS v7 beta web filtering on latest windows 8.1 32 bit fully patched machine with latest windows updates & my browser was latest version of google chrome , i tested a huge number of newly updated & old malicious & exploit based & phising websites & webpages from www.malwareblacklist.com, www.malwaredomainlist.com, www.malc0dedatabase.com & cleanmx websites , but the results of the tests was horrible & pathetic , CIS v7 beta web filtering component blocked only two dangerous websites out of 400 malicious websites & malicious links & if you don’t believe me you can test it yourself using malicious links from the above mentioned websites & see yourself how pathetic is the web filtering component in comodo currently , so it’s a fervent request to the respected developers & programmers & security experts of comodo team to please improve the quality of the web filtering component in CIS to a huge extent & also please give frequent & hourly database updates for web filtering of comodo v7 series of products otherwise the web filtering is going to totally damage the reputation of the very good comodo series of products

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you NEED to give comodo time to build their database. v7 has been out ONE week, how can they build an very strong database in one week? Also v7 is in BETA the devs are mainly working on bugs and improvements

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