Web Filtering Database & File Submission

comodo has released the final stable version of comodo v7 & as promised by many on comodo forum that comodo will have a large & huge database of web filtering & antiphising after the release of final stable version of comodo v7 but when is comodo going to release & give that large database updates of web filtering because currently the web filtering database of comodo is just too much pathetic & the number is just 16 compared to the millions of web filtering database of other well renowned security softwares & as a result of which comodo v7 is failing to protect & block thousands & millions of bad websites & phising websites & exploit based & parasites based webpages & websites & url’s , also the file submission process in comodo v7 products is still full of bugs , please see my attachments

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no one said the database would be large when the final was released. we told you MANY times that it will be updated over time

yaa wasjig6 comodo really needs to make the database for web & url filtering large enough to make it really good & they needs to give regular signature & database updates to the web filtering component because otherwise it will be just a useless component in a good security software which it currently is

they are already working on it. if you continue to create post like this is will be considered spamming

this is what i want to see in case of each & every malicious links & websites & phising & dangerous & exploit based & malicious webpages , today i was testing the web filtering & antiphising component of CIS 7 premium free version , comodo did block a very few amount of malicious websites when tested on windows 8 32 bit fully updated machine using the latest version of google chrome browser, so it’s my request to the well respected security developers & security expert team of comodo to please give hourly signature & database updates to the web & url filtering & antiphising component of comodo to make the web filtering & antiphising component of comodo as good as & as powerful as the comodo firewall & comodo antivirus , currently comodo has very very small web filtering & antiphising database as a result of which it is failing to block a huge number of dangerous & malicious websites when tested using malicious & exploit based & dangerous & phising links from various malware resources & malicious links hosting websites & hope that comodo being the best name of trust to millions of user’s & fan’s worldwide will increase the web filtering & antiphising database to a large & huge extent very quickly by giving regular & hourly signature & database updates to the web filtering database , we all the true fans & regular users of comodo only trusts comodo & we all like to see comodo web filtering as the best web filtering ever & better than the best’s like vipre or kaspersky

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