I would like cis to have a web filter other than the optional dns server integrated such as avast has and others like vipre or trend micro, to my knowledge it doesn’t have that yet.

And please developers if you see this post, plz a thousand times over keep cis the same as far as ram/cpu usage, it’s awesome!

All that matter is the that malware is caught when it’s about to get executed. I know that Comodo Site Inspect will somehow be integrated in Comodo’s AV Cloud.

I agree here.

But additional malware can be prevented with Site Inspector for which CIS may not have signatures but SI may have URL balcklisted, M I Right?

Does every malware have to hit harddisk or memory to infect/modify the system any way or steal info?

Yes, each malware has to temporarily br on the hdd and in in ram (to be active and do it’s thing).

CIS dont have phishing protection. SI can provide phishing & additional malware protection too, right?

CIS is catching everything that is getting into the hdd. I don’t really know what SI has for function beside telling the user who uses it what if the given website is distributing malware

Really? What about a ‘remote exploit’ which works over a network and exploits the security vulnerability without any prior access to the vulnerable system?

it still needs to be in RAM to function. CIS will catch it.

So whether it is phish malware or any malware it has to hit the system & CIS will catch it, right?

Phishing sites are different, right? i.e the spoofed site of banks, etc, for this you need antiphishing, right?

IMO Blocking the website to prevent malware from infecting your system is half the battle already won, why give malware the chance to get to your system? avast saved my pc plenty of times while surfing is why i’d like that in CIS.

CIS scans every downloaded object…