Web Filter for Comodo Internet Security

The CIS version 6 should have web filter, which I think is a must, as is Avast and AVG LinkScaner blocking malicious code before it starts the web browser.

¿ What web filter CIS currently has 5.10 ?, ¿ Does the dns Comodo ?.

I now use the CIS along with AVG LinkScaner, and it works well, ¿ has any other ideas ?.

My experience says that the best web filter is K9 Web Protection.

+1 :-TU K9 is a brilliant piece of software IMO.


I agree to some stage but they won’t do it… Comodo 5.10 don’t have web/url filter… Comodo DNS is not good it needs a lot of work Norton and OpenDNS way better… Bad guys becoming more nasty this days that means url filter is a thing of a past… The bad guys now redirect you in such a way that url filter won’t protect you at all… Url filters was always under big Q if they really protect you…

Years of ‘Web & email scanning is unnecessary because CIS will stop malware executing’ type doctrine will have to be repealed before it happens.

By all means question the effectiveness of a “web/url filter”, but is the kind you describe and doubt the benefit of, the same as what Avast or AVG provide?

Lets see if Site Inspector would be incorporated in CIS6 Beta or Toolbar, etc.

Whats The Point Of A web Filter?Comodo protects from execution.The only thing that a web filter would be usefull is for phising attacks.

Well if a website has a malware, & Comodo doesn’t have a detection for this malware but the Web Filter has this website blacklisted, I guess WebFilter could be useful & protect from this kind of situation, m I right?

Web filters can be used to other purposes too. Like protecting children getting to harmful dites that contain sex, violence etc unsuitable material. Norton DNS can do a little bit of that too whiththe tightest policy. And as i have understoo also Comodo DNS beta.

Yeah but even without a web filter the malware must be executed so comodo will alert us.

Q.E.D. ;D

Now, kids…what have we learned today?
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You’re so funny…

After trying K9 Web Protector malwaredomainlist.com infected link, the truth that is excellent detection K9 Web Protector, I was surprised because blocking almost all the links I’ve tried it also does not slow browsing, but the ping is a bit higher.

You’re right, the K9 Web Protection is excellent, better than AVG LinkScaner.

Thank you. (:CLP)

No I mean all… Nothing to do with Avast or AVG…

Sorry for maybe a silly question, but I have experienced a lot of infected systems lately that must have been infected while browsing the web.

None of them was equipped with CIS.

The infection was not noticeable until restart. Then the windows shell had been replaced by a new shell, no functionality but one field to enter a ucash code to pay something for getting access again to the system.

Would CIS have protected the systems against that? None of the other installed security solutions did, and I have had no feedback yet after installing CIS on those systems about new attacks.

Thanks for any info :slight_smile:

In my experience, CIS blocks ransomware.
It’s weakness is gpcode (unless it is caught by AV).

It's weakness is gpcode

And few other Ransomware (Ransom.Crypt etc) which were released recently :frowning: