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I would like that Comodo develop a Web Content Filter for free, like the great Ad Muncher :slight_smile:

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That’s a very good suggestion you made. Btw, welcome to the forums.

Hey crow,

nice to see some arovax users wandering over!

welcome to the circus!

ewen :slight_smile:

I’m not a big fan of Arovax… :wink:

Same here, I used it but realized that I could use something better than their products. Thankfully, Comodo has an Anti-Spyware program in the works (which I look forward to using).

Maybe this should be implemented in the antispyware or better in the firewall. By this way we won’t have to update lots of programs

Hello folks,

I just want to reinforce the importance of COMODO develop a stand-alone Web Filter Product or an integrated one in its already established products.
Day after day Internet becomes more and more WILD instead of WIDE, so all protection isn’t enough. Well, after a wide range of testing free and paid products (Proxomitron, Muffin, Privoxy, Proximodo, Ad Cruncher, WebWasher, WebCleaner and Ad Muncher) I figured out that none of them are the perfect solution. Or they are good, but expensive or they have some glitches, but are free.
A few time ago people would say that there was not a solution to this problem and you should always pay for a good solution, but THANKS TO COMODO (you’re G.R.E.A.T!) these paradigm has changed. Now, we can be sure that we can have an excellent product (normally far better than the paid ones) without paying a nickel for this.
So, I ask you COMODO Team to create free Web Filter software using your expertise and hard-working team. I would like to highlight some points that should be considered in such a product:

1- It should have the power of use of Proxomitron
2- It should have the ease of use of Ad Muncher
3- It should be able to integrate itself with anonymity products like Tor and ■■■
4- It should be browser independent
5- It should work without or with proxy interface
6- It should be able to deal with ActiveX, Java, Scripts, Referrers, Pop-up, Pop-under, Banners, Web-Bugs and all that Internet annoyances in a flexible way. By flexible I mean: you can choose what to block in the site you want to block
7- It should be fast, reliable and Memory and CPU friendly
8- It should support all Internet protocols. Mainly HTTP, HTTP 1.1, HTTPS.
9- It should have the BEST and FASTEST Team I have ever seen in my life behind it!


See you later,

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